Don't ever think that you are working for Money

Developing is my Hobby.

List of Web Applications

GEC, Modasa

GEC, Modasa is a Govt. Engineering College in Modasa city.

Darshit Gohel

This is an individual project for Darshit Gohel for file sharing.

PHP School

PHP School is a online program for teaching php to newbies.


GrabTech is a group of developers who developes web applications.


Utsav is a civil engineer who wants to develope his personal website.

File Sharing

This website allows user to share files among all users without any signup.


Users can create their own slambook dynamically. (Incomplete)

List of Desktop Applications

Alarm App

Allows user to set alarm in laptop or pc with timers.

File Sharing App

This is a desktop app of my file sharing website mention above.